Drs C Strachan, M Cade, A Qureshi & K Hickman

Low Moor Medical Practice Telephone: 01274 697600 29 The Plantations Bradford BD12 0TH

Health & Social Care Act 2008

Provider i.d.1-199696542 Location i.d. 1-540187714 Registered Manager: Dr Charles Strachan Legal Status: Partnership comprising Dr C. Strachan, Dr M. Cade, Dr A. Qureshi and Dr K Hickman. Location of service: Low Moor Medical Centre Address for service: 29 The Plantations, Bradford BD12 0TH.

Aims and objectives
· To provide a means for the whole of the general public registered with the practice to receive medical consultation, examination and diagnosis by a General Medical Practitioner, Practice Nurse, Healthcare Assistant and other associated health services. The service is to be provided in courteous, peaceful, practical, professional and comfortable surroundings.
· The Practice will aim to provide the best possible healthcare within the scope of the NHS. It will be free at the point of use for the vast majority of services, however, any charges for services not covered by the NHS, will be made clear to the patient in advance of those services being carried out.
· We will seek to offer alternatives to hospital-based care and help develop patient care pathways.
· The Practice will strive to maintain patient equality and confidentiality at all times and all fully registered patients will be afforded the same level of service regardless of age, sex, disability, sexual preference, ethnicity, nationality or religious beliefs. All staff and patients will be treated with dignity and respect.
· Maintain high standards of patient care through monitoring performance and continuous learning and training. We will also maintain compliance with all legislative and industry requirements.
· We will operate on a financially sound basis. The Practice will continue to look at ways in which it can become more efficient without compromising on quality and seek patient support to help us to achieve this.
· The practice will continuously look at ways and means for the patient to take ownership of their own healthcare by educating and informing patients through our website as well as other lines of communication.

• Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
• Diagnostic and screening procedures
• Maternity and midwifery services
• Surgical procedures
• Family planning services

The services will be carried out in a purpose-built building shared with a pharmacy. There is good parking and easy access. The Practice will offer a wide range of appointment times from early morning to late evening, Monday to Friday. On-site emergency equipment will be maintained and this includes a
defibrillator, provision of oxygen, nebulisers and emergency medications.
The services will include, but are not necessarily limited to:
Diabetic clinic
Respiratory services covering asthma and COPD
Ear syringing
Family planning involving contraceptive services, Implanon services & coil removal
Antenatal and baby clinics
Cervical smears and HRT
Well person clinics
ECG monitoring
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
Anticoagulation service
Immunisation covering childhood, travel and occupational
Chronic disease monitoring
Minor surgery involving joint injections and wart removal
Coronary heart disease
If the Practice is not able to provide the expertise required on-site, it will make referrals to the appropriate healthcare professionals to help the patient.