Nurse Practitioners

Ms Sarbjit Kaur (f)

Sarbjit's role as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner covers the role between the doctors and the nurses. She is able to diagnose illness and prescribe medication, however, the role has the limitations on not being able to issue sick notes, death certificates and mental health certification.

Mrs Sue Stephenson (f)

Sue is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the role of Community Matron. Within the practice, she looks after the care homes attached to the surgery, looking after the clients there to reduce the number of GP visits required. In addition to this role, she also takes on some of the community home visits
From time to time, she will also do a short surgery when the practice is short of the regular clinical team. Like Mrs Kaur, she can do all the things a doctor can do including diagnostics and prescribing. However, her role limitation is that she is unable to attend to children under 5 years old. The role also has the limitations on not being able to issue sick notes, death certificates and mental health certification.


Mrs Emma Hobson (f)

Emma joined the practice in January 2014 as a Practice Nurse Prescriber and is qualified in diabetic and respiratory care. Emma also specialises in women's Health Management. Having recently passed her prescribing exams, she is now back at university one day each week upgrading her skills to become an Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

Mrs Angela Townend (f)

Angela is a very experienced practice nurse coming to Low Moor from another Bradford practice. Her specialisms are diabetes and respiratory medicine.

Ms Sarah Corey (f)

Sarah joined the practice in April 2018 as an experienced practice nurse whose special interests include levels one and two diabetes care. Sarah also undertakes most other aspects of General Practice nursing care including injections, wound care, men's and women's sexual health etc.

Mrs Sarah Oeser (f)

Sarah recently joined Low Moor Practice as a fully skilled and qualified practice nurse. She undertakes both Diabetic and Respiratory clinics (Asthma and COPD), although her heart definitely lies within the respiratory discipline.  She also undertakes Cervical Cytology (Smears), venipuncture (blood tests), Contraceptive Care, and wound care.   

Nursing Assistants

Mrs Lisa Sagar (f)

Lisa is an experienced phlebotomist and is particularly skilled in drawing blood from children. She also undertakes primary spirometry. She recently completed the Health Care Assistant Diploma and undertakes ECG's, 24hr blood pressure monitoring and ear syringing.

Mrs Amy Hall (f)

Amy joined the Low Moor family in April 2019. She is an experienced nursing assistant who undertakes phlebotomy, ECG's, dressings, venipuncture (blood tests), urinalysis amongst her many skills.

Mrs Pam Barraclough (f)

Pam was initially with the Practice on the administration staff and then progressed to training as a phlebotomist and then as a Health Care Assistant. Her skills now cover Wound Care, EGC’s, 24hr BP monitoring and Ear Syringing.