Asthma is a common condition that causes coughing, wheezing, tightness of the chest and breathlessness. Most people with asthma who take the appropriate treatment can live normal lives, but left untreated, asthma can cause permanent damage to the airways.

Symptoms of asthma

The usual symptoms of asthma are
· coughing
· wheezing
· shortness of breath
· tightness in the chest.
Not everyone will get all of these symptoms. Some people experience them from time to time; a few people may experience these symptoms all the time.

Treatment of asthma

There isn't a cure for asthma. However, treatments are available to help manage your symptoms. Your treatment plan will be individual to you, combining medicines and asthma management in a way that works best for you.

Living with asthma

Medicines are only part of your treatment for asthma. You will also need to deal with the things that make it worse. Keep a diary to record anything that triggers your asthma - this can help you to discover a pattern. Using a peak flow meter to monitor your lung function can also help. If you have repeatedly low readings in a certain situation (for example, at the end of a working day, after exercise or after contact with an animal) this may indicate the trigger.

For patients who are due an annual asthma review.

Please would you answer the questions on the form below and submit it to us.
If your symptoms are deteriorating or you have any concerns, please make an appointment to the respiratory nurse or a doctor as well.

Virtual Group Consultations

Do you have asthma and are due your annual asthma review? Do you struggle to remember to take your preventer inhaler? If so, you are not alone. Dr Hickman is starting a new and exciting project of reviewing our patients with asthma online and as part of a group. If this pilot project is successful we will be moving on to other conditions such as diabetes and COPD. Watch the video link below to find out more.
Dr Hickman’s passion is not only respiratory but also behaviour change. She is a certified Tiny Habits® coach,, and is able to teach patients a behvaiour change model on how to remember to take their medication. This will also be covered as part of the group consultation.

Group consultations are not for everybody and we are not stopping 1:1, face to face reviews. However, if you are interested to be part of this exciting project please email us below and we will see if you are suitable and be in touch with you shortly.

Useful Links

Asthma UK, this website has been revamped to meet the needs of the thousands of people with asthma who visit the site each day, either to find important information about asthma and how to control it
Asthma, an excellent resource with useful video, audio, images and references relating to asthma.
NHS - Asthma, further information about symptoms, treatment, causes and prevention of Asthma.
These links all come from trusted resources but if you are unsure about these or any other medical matters please contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice.