Appointments are bookable up to 2 days in advance, but we also have a limited number of appointments available up to 2 weeks in advance These are at the end of the working day to allow workers time to arrange their shifts. The phones are automatically switched on at 8.00 am


Appointments are made for one person only if more members of your family need to see the doctor please advise the receptionist when booking and you will be given the appropriate number of appointments. Appointments are for 10 minutes only during which time the doctor will only be able to deal with one issue. If you feel that your problem will take longer please discuss with the receptionist. You may request an appointment with any of our doctors, however, we cannot guarantee that they will always be available. All our doctors have access to your records and will be able to help you.


We offer a number of workers appointments on Monday evening from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm with either a doctor or with a Nurse Practitioner. Please call the reception in advance to book one of these sessions. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer a nurses appointment during this period. N.B. Our Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose, prescribe and refer patients on, they are unable to offer Fit Notes (usually known as sick notes).


If you can’t attend an appointment for any reason please let us know no later than 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Another patient may be able to use the time.
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